Network of Women in Growth (NEWIG), Ghana, was established in January, 2002 as a skills-development, non-profit, non-governmental organization. NEWIG provides vocational and entrepreneurial training, specialist advice and help to a wide range of clients in the area of small scale enterprise development. NEWIG from its inception have taken bold steps to reach out to marginalized, rural women in all the ten regions of Ghana with minimal external donor support, depending mostly on intensive internally generated resources.

NEWIG has a proven track record with regard to target groups. For 15 years, we have trained over 6,000 women, mostly rural illiterate and semi-illiterate unemployed and small-scaled entrepreneurs, across the country. Over 60% of our beneficiaries are now running their own viable businesses.

NEWIG was registered by the Registrar-General’s Department to commerce business on 22nd April, 2004.  It was issued with a certificate, numbered G-12,117 as well as a Certificate of Incorporation. Additionally, it registered with Department of Social Welfare to operate as an NGO and was issued with a certificate numbered DSW./2408.




Our mission is to support women’s self-organization for full autonomy over their lives, freedom from violence and for full social, economic and political participation and empowerment.



NEWIG has a vision of a society in which self-organized women are actively creating a just, democratic and sustainable world without poverty, inequality or any system which erodes their confidence, economic well-being, rights, dignity and capacity for self-determination.



We value commitment, dedication, self-drive, honesty, hard work and volunteerism.