NEWIG organizes Basic Culture and Leadership Camp for children of Kwabeng

Network of Women In Growth (NEWIG) Ghana in collaboration with AWYTIE Foundation organized the Basic Culture and Leadership vacation camp in September 2018 for the school children of Kwabeng in the Eastern Region.
The children were taught acceptable cultural values, human right conventions on the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women as well as critical thinking through games. They wrote a letter from 2035, where many came out with their future careers as medical doctors, pilots and teachers. Doing that enabled them to build up self-confidence, set and visualize their future goals. Through various critical thinking activities, they learnt the value of patience, unity, teamwork and creativity. The children were taught traditional dances such as Fume Fume, Kpanlogo and Adowa. The children displayed all they had learnt during the camp at the closing ceremony with various dance choreographies, song performances, poetry recitals and a play they called “The End of Foolish Copycat.” There was also an educational donation to support a needy student enrolled in the Ankaful Nursing Training College. Present at the closing ceremony was the District Chief Executive of the Atiwa West District, Hon. Isaac Akomaning Asamoah, the NADMO coordinator Mr. Harrison Adzamire and Mr. Enoch Asante, the Headmaster of Kwabeng Presby JHS.