NEWIG operates from its’ own premises. It has built a women empowerment complex which currently houses a sales shop, seminar room, hostel for trainees, offices, technical workshops as well as staff residences.

Our hostel facilities houses 20 participants at a time.

The mini conference room is air-conditioned with microphones, white boards, flip charts and a projector.

The offices are equipped with modern facilities such as computers (laptops and desktops), internet facilities, printers, scanner and photocopier.

The technical workshops have extracting machines for fruit drink processing and neem seed extraction, sewing machines, work tables, soap frames, in addition to many other work tools

An ICT block, bakery and restaurant construction as well as hostel expansion is on-going.


The sales shop stocks goods such as organic toiletries, floral works, beads jewelry, textiles produced by the organization and the beneficiaries and also serves as our Accra office.