Belinda Akaba’s Inspiring Journey in Breaking Barriers and Championing Women’s Growth in STEM

Belinda Akaba's Inspiring Journey

From breaking barriers in a male-dominated industry to championing women’s growth, Belinda’s story highlights resilience, ambition, and the essence of networking. Having made significant progress, Belinda shares her journey and successes and highlights the support she received from NEWIG Ghana and the strides she’s making in STEM empowerment. We take great pride in sharing the success stories of our past trainees, and today, we are excited to highlight the journey of Belinda Akaba, a participant in our training program for women in male-dominated sectors.

Belinda enthusiastically shares, “The network provided me with invaluable resources, mentorship, and a supportive community. The training programs and events expanded my knowledge, which played a significant role in achieving my recent career milestone.” She emphasizes the power of the network, stating, “Through the platform, I actively sought opportunities for learning, skill development, and networking.”

Belinda firmly believes that building strong professional relationships opens doors to new opportunities and career advancements, especially in challenging male-dominated industries. She has embraced her abilities and focused on her strengths to overcome obstacles and make her mark. Reflecting on her association with the Network of Women in Growth – NEWIG Ghana, Belinda shares valuable lessons she has learned. She encourages women to embrace a growth mindset, build a strong network, advocate for themselves, and remain resilient in the face of challenges.

Beyond her successful career, Belinda is a passionate advocate for women’s growth and actively engages in public relations activities for Dreams of Africa Youth for Change. Her outstanding achievements have been recognized by the Business Executive magazine, which awarded her as the Most Outstanding Female in the Automobile Industry.

Additionally, she received a nomination for Hardware Engineer of the Year by Ghana Ladies in Tech. Recently, Belinda was promoted to the position of Head of Maintenance at SolarTaxi, where she contributes her skills to drive the company’s growth and success.

Belinda’s dedication extends to facilitating a Female Engineering Academy and working on her upcoming project, STEMSheDaRe, which aims to empower young girls in STEM fields. Belinda is an experienced Automotive Engineer with a remarkable background in the automotive industry. She possesses expertise in Mechanical, Electrical, Metal Fabrication, Welding, lathe machine operation, Electrical distribution design, and Electric vehicles. She is a proud graduate of the New Century Career Training Institute and E.P.C Mawuko Girls SHS and is currently pursuing her studies at Accra Technical University.

Belinda’s journey serves as an inspiration for all of us to actively pursue growth, advance meaningful connections, and advocate for positive change. At NEWIG, we remain committed to encouraging and providing a platform for women and young girls to thrive.

Please join us in celebrating Belinda Akaba’s journey and the success she has achieved.

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