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Enabling rural women in Ghana to thrive through vocational training and entrepreneurship support

About Us

Network of Women in Growth (NEWIG), Ghana, was established in January 2002 as a skills-development, non-profit, non-governmental organization. NEWIG provides vocational and entrepreneurial training, specialist advice and help to a wide range of clients in the area of small-scale enterprise development. NEWIG from its inception have taken bold steps to reach out to marginalized, rural women in all the ten regions of Ghana with minimal external donor support, depending mostly on intensive internally generated resources. 

NEWIG has a proven track record in improving the lives of our target groups across Ghana. For 18 years, we have trained over 7,500 women most of whom live in rural areas, are non-literate or semi-literate, unemployed and struggling small-scaled entrepreneurs. Over 60% of our beneficiaries are now running their own viable businesses.

NEWIG has since become a leading Ghanaian non-profit institution.

NEWIG initiated the first series of training for women and young adults in alternative skills development to complement Ghana’s Technical, Vocational Education and Training (TVET) drive. We are a reputable skills development organization. We provide technical and vocational training to women and young people in a wide range of areas. We are in partnerships with established Technical Training Institutions and Master Skills Training and Apprenticeship workshops to explore other innovative avenues for matching skills and expertise of women and youth with the dynamic employment market.

Our Vision

A society where women are free from poverty and inequality, and actively participate in determining their wellbeing in a dignifying and supportive society.

Our Mission

To train and support women with skills for their economic empowerment, rights assertiveness, protection from violence and political participation.



Our Work

Entrepreneurial Development Programs

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Commercial/Professional Driving Skills

Women in Construction

Vocational Skills


Economic Governance

Enterprise Creation & Business Management

Employability Skills

Gender/Women Rights Program

Women in Political Participation

Youth Leadership

Our Approach

NEWIG works with women and for women. We identify skill gaps in women and women groups or businesses and work hand in hand to improve their skills. These skills include leadership, business, management and marketing skills. We then design training modules to assist women learn or acquire these needed skills. Our aim is to create sustainable JOBS.

Programme activities (Skills Training Areas)

Dress Making
Soap Making
Beads Making
General electricals
Air-conditioning installation and Refrigeration repairs

Our Success Story

Over the past 22 years, NEWIG has diligently mobilized resources and partners to provide skills training for thousands of Ghanaian women in both vocational and professional domains. This collective effort has resulted in the creation of jobs among over 7000 women and has positively impacted various communities across Ghana. The spectrum of training we have offered includes vocational skills with a focus on catering, beads and jewelry, fabric designing popularly known as batik and tye-dye.

10 years ago, NEWIG initiated a programme that focused on providing non-traditional skills and training focusing on increasing women in male-dominated trade areas dubbed the “Non- traditional livelihood programme”. This project in partnership with the EMpower and African Women Development Fund birthed projects such as “NEWIG Young Women In Professional Driving”, “NEWIG Young Women In Construction” and “NEWIG Young Women In Construction” where we have trained and built the capacity of 95 young women.

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